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Registration rules

Поговорим на родных языках / Speak your native language here!

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Registration rules

Новое сообщениеот Гость » Вс 15 май 2005, 02:22

We've created this forum to let you communicate with each other in your native languge. You're free to create any topic using your own language. This forum supports many languages; however, in case your language doesn't show up here correctly, please contact us: poisy@dstrahov.com (Poisy), mysty@dstrahov.com (Mystery girl), or our common email address admin@dstrahov.com.

You may switch to your native language in your Profile.

This forum is a non-commercial project of http://www.dstrahov.com site.

The forum is moderated by Poisy and Mystery girl. If you have any technical problems, please refer to our Technical support section or contact us directly: poisy@dstrahov.com (Poisy), mysty@dstrahov.com (Mystery girl), or our common email address admin@dstrahov.com.

We welcome here intelligent and polite people!


1. These rules are not subject to further discussion. In case you don't agree, please leave.

2. Flood*, flame**, cursing, personal abuse***, and commercials are strictly prohibited. Should the post violate this rule, it will be deleted automatically and without explanation.

3. We've intentionally created Daniil Strahov forum with the only purpose to chat about Danya. Off-topic posts will be deleted automatically. Personal issues, setting up the meetings, small talks, etc. are only allowed in the Small Talks section.

4. Dear friends! Please be patient towards each other, let's respect each other's thoughts and opinions.

5. Show your respect for everyone here - please do the spell check before posting.

6. Due to the limited space, please post all the pictures in the Common forums and not in Daniil Strahov's section.

*Flood - any meaningless post, a set of smilies or one-word sentences.
**Flame- abusive posts toward others, instigation for abusive or brutal actions or violation of the rules.
***Personal abuse - brutal or abusive comments toward the forum's other participants or third parties (especially related to menthal or physical capabilities).

Best regards,
Administration of the site and forum http://dstrahov.com
Последний раз редактировалось Гость Ср 21 дек 2005, 22:48, всего редактировалось 1 раз.

Новое сообщениеот Milena » Вс 15 май 2005, 20:28

:D Zdravstvuj
Cast mi je da sam prva ovdje....
Puno pozdrava svima

Новое сообщениеот Poisy » Вс 15 май 2005, 21:27

You may start your own topics, on your own language;)
I guess I'll close this one..
It'll be just for information.
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