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Daniil Strakhov: Talk Honestly to Yourself

"Teatral" Magazine (February 2010)

Daniil Strakhov, who became popular after several TV series, has always performed a lot in the theater. Ableukhov in Gogol Theater, Dorian Gray and Caligula in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, Platonov in the Student Theater of the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (GITIS) are just a few of his theatrical roles. This season the actor has returned to the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, playing the lead character in the theater’s new production of Leonid Zorin’s “Warsaw Melody”.  In the interpretation of director Sergey Golomazov and actors Yulia Peresild (Polish girl Gelya) and Daniil Strakhov, this, already classical play “for two” became a story of a man’s betrayal and a woman’s faithfulness. This is how I, a woman, perceived it. Daniil did not agree with me.

- You have just played a weak man, who betrays his beloved woman and because of that becomes an unhappy, crushed being.

- This is how you perceived this story, and many women see it exactly like this. Male audience sees it in an absolutely different way.

- Then explain why your character, Victor a strong and a brave man, a hero who just returned from the war does nothing to stay with his beloved woman?

What could he do? He did not have any options. None. After the decree prohibiting marriages with foreigners had been issued, he was transferred to Krasnodar and Gelya left for Poland. What options did he have? What did he have to do? Cross the border through Finland?! All women even the smartest ones, are expecting heroic actions from men. But life does not consist of heroic actions; otherwise we would all be living in a Schiller’s play! You see, the best thing about “Warsaw Melody” is that every person assembles it like Rubik’s Cube him/herself.  The main task for us was to make the right, literate analysis of the play and I think we succeeded.  My own objective in this role was to bring my character, Victor, beyond of what’s good in the beginning and degrade him in the end.  He was strong in the first act and pathetic at the end of the play. And I believe I managed to do it. 

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