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How Stierlitz Taught Me to Love

Panorama TV - Petersburg (July 20, 2009)

The craze about the colored version of the “Seventeen Moments of Spring” has not yet subsided, however a new story about the legendary undercover agent is to be released soon.  Daniil Strakhov plays the leading role of Stierlitz in Sergey Ursulyak’s sixteen-episode mini series “Isayev”

-  Daniil, what was the most difficult for you during the filming?

-  Talking to the journalists. They appeared on the set every other day and asked: “How are you feeling as Stierlitz?” I didn’t know what to answer. An actor cannot keep asking himself every minute: “And how am I feeling playing this part?” Besides, my character is Maxim Isayev, not Stierlitz. It will be twenty years later that this boy will become Max Otto von Stierlitz, magnificently played by Vyacheslav Tikhonov.

Is “Isayev” a film about the Civil War?

-  Yes, it’s about the 1918 events when Blyukher defeated the army of Kolchak. But the film is not a war blockbuster. Through the eyes of young Isayev, the viewers will see the historical fracture that happened in our country during that period.

-  Where did the filming take place?

-  In Moscow, in Sevastopol, that “played a role” of Vladivostok, in Tallinn and Gatchina.

- Daniil, what did you get out of your movie career?

- Money. And new roles. I was absorbed in one character for twelve whole months. It’s unbelievable.

- Has the popularity changed you?

- Some people think that a person can wake up famous. It doesn’t happen like that. You get used to everything gradually, including popularity. Fame is a tail

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