Daniil Strakhov’s Exclusive Interview for www.dstrahov.com

by Svetlana Girshon (aka Natasha Suvorina)
October 10, 2008

This interview was taken during the break on the set of Sergey Ursulyak’s “Isayev” mini series in Tutayev, Yaroslavl Region, Russia.

Svetlana Girshon (SG): Danya, the lengthy filming of “Isayev” is now coming to an end. Are you feeling tired?  

Daniil Strakhov (DS): There is no tiredness, just a feeling of slight sadness because this work is coming to an end. It is hard to overestimate the life experience and the acting experience that I received from this work. All this will be over soon and so there comes a question: “What should I do next?” I would like to work on another project with Sergey Ursulyak but I understand that each of us has own personal and artistic life. The richness of colors, the freedom, the atmosphere of closeness and seeming easiness of work that Ursulyak creates on the set is a great present, and I would not know what to do with all this wealth afterwards. There is a pretty sad situation that all actors face: you are happy to complete filming of a bad movie but then you cry at the premiere. (Laughing) And after working with great directors, it is had to come back to reality without them. These situations are inevitable, there is nothing to do about it.

SG: Yes, but let’s try to look a bit ahead. Danya, will you play a part  in “Always Say ‘Always’-5”? There are some rumors that the creators are going to bring back your character, Grozovsky.

I think these rumors are just rumors, created by tabloids. The story of Grozovsky’s character ended because I felt like there was nothing more to tell about him. I did not find it necessary and interesting to endlessly repeat colors I once found in this character. On the other hand, the creators are successfully and very professionally continuing this convoluted story and I am the bad guy who ended this epic for myself. It seems to me that it’s not worth reviving Grozovsky because it

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