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In early to mid-2000s Daniil Strakhov had a booming television career, starring in various TV series – Leading Roles (Glavnye roli), Always Say “Always” (Vsegda govori “vsegda”), Children of Arbat (Deti Arbata), The Astrologer (Zvezdochet), The Hucksters (Torgashi), The Love Talisman (Talisman lyubvi), Storm Gate (Grozovye Vorota), and others. The role of Vladimir Korf in the telenovela Poor Nastya (Bednaya Nastya), set in the 19th century Russia, made Strakhov the most popular television actor of the year, bringing him admiration of fans around the globe.

Daniil’s cinema career began spinning off after the role of Captain Lisnevsky, in Vladimir Rogozhkin’s 2006 film Transit (Peregon). Several other films have been released in the following years: Giaconda on the Pavement (Dzhokonda na asfal’te), The Model (Naturschitsa), The Blissful (Blazhennaya), The Game (Igra). His latest release We are from the Future (My iz buduschego) was a box office success.

In 2009 Daniil returned to television, starring in Sergey Ursulyak's mini-series Isaev and in a thriller The Trap (Lovishka). Another TV project, The German (Nemets) is currently in production. Daniil is also starring in several theatrical productions: Train Station for Three (Vokzal na troikh), The Postman Always Rings Twice (Pochtal’on vsegda zvonit dvazhdy), An Ideal Husband (Ideal'nyj muzh) and Warsaw Melody (Varshavskaya melodiya).

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